Brian Everett Miller (b. Pittsburgh, 1976) is an American abstract painter and digital printmaker.  His studio practice is devoted to creating minimalist print designs and paintings featuring hand drawn geometric motifs and a bold, reductive color palette.  His work has been published, exhibited, and collected throughout the United States and abroad.

“I believe art has the ability to transform lives in the same way that meditation, proper diet, and exercise feed mind and body and enhance our ability to be our very best.  Our environment plays a crucial role in our mental attitude and what we can achieve.  The spaces we inhabit should inspire us.  A life dedicated to success and happiness must be fueled by colorful surroundings that generate and sustain feelings of positive self worth and empowerment.  The home and its décor should be a testament to our values and a cozy den of optimism.  The desire I have for my work is that it will inspire good living and compliment ones highest aspirations.”  – BEM