Brian Everett Miller (b. Pittsburgh, 1976) is an American painter, digital artist, and photographer.

His paintings cover a wide variety of subject matter: places where he has lived and traveled, portraits of historical figures and pop icons, photos of friends, family, strangers, flowers and other still life, as well as existing photos and images made from video stills.  Miller’s paint handling and overall painting style is loose, gestural, and expressive, emphasizing the essential elements of a scene or subject rather than a descriptive representation, and often incorporating alternative color and content.

Miller’s digital art and illustrations come about through the collection of materials from a variety of media including his own paintings, drawings, photographs, video stills, as well as found images.  These source materials are put through multiple stages of both traditional and digital manipulation: they are drawn and painted on, merged, duplicated, processed, partially erased, pieced together, etc., until a new work is created.

Prior to becoming a painter and digital artist, Miller worked as a still life photographer and had success with a series of floral still life photographs produced between 2011 and 2014.  Though no longer creating work as a photographer, he continues to use photography as a tool in his creative practice.