Episode 65 – [moos] The Ambient Vault

Click the link to support the show! Thanks! 65 of The Ambient Vault podcast features special guest [moos].  [moos] is an electronic music producer from the Netherlands and was kind enough to share a good number of unreleased tracks for this episode.  Many thanks to [moos] for being on the podcast and as always thanks so much for listening! Click the link at top to support the show and shop Ambient Vault merch. Scroll down for more info and links for [moos].“I’ve been making music for over 20 years: electro, dubstep, techno,dub. For three years now I’ve been focussing on modular synths, which I find truly inspiring. I did live modbap sets (modular + hiphopbeats), a few glitch tracks and lofi ambient pieces. Something that’s always present in my music is a feeling of melancholy. When I create stuff, I start with an idea, start patching and develop it further. In that process the modular always brings meto new unexpected sound territories. Everything is recorded straight to stereo, no overdubs or edits on the computer. This is challenging but also very rewarding – once it’s done it’s done.”For Modular World 2022 [moos] did an outdoor piece: this podcast [moos] put together a mix  of 7 new ambient tracks made recently, all except for one not yet released. Enjoy.[moos] music, live sets, and videos can be found here:
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