Episode 70 – Songs From Tin Pan Alley The Ambient Vault

Click the link to support the show! Thanks! 70 of The Ambient Vault podcast features special guest Songs From Tin Pan Alley.  Songs From Tin Pan Alley is a one man band based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Composing ambient textures covered in lofi-dust. Have over the last 4 years released 14 full-length albums.  Some of them in collaboration with other ambient musicians. His music is mostly centered around modular stuff, tape-loops and always recorded in single takes on either a reel to reel deck or a Marantz cassette recorder.Tomorrow on his birthday, April 3rd he is releasing the last episode of the Standstills trilogy. The album was recorded in 4 days intensive stretch in April last year in a cozy and beautiful apartment in Berlin. All the songs are single takes and with no overdubbing; recorded on a very worn-out Marantz cassette recorder. So, expect beautiful dropouts, hiss and wow and flutter. 😉 The album is released through the wonderful Copenhagen-based record label Petite Victory Collective (PVC).You can listen to SFTPA’s music here: follow him here: song was also recorded in a one-shot session. Made with different modular sequences and guitar-loops and recorded on Marantz cassette. Enjoy! You can see the performance here:
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