Episode 23 – Robert Simons (Catchthehare) The Ambient Vault

Episode 23 of The Ambient Vault features the music of Robert Simons, who generously offered up tracks from his project Catchthehare for this week’s episode. Catchthehare is a musical project by multi-instrumentalist Robert Simons that explores the intersection between electronic composition and experimental sound recording. Robert’s musical journey began at an early age learning the cello and classical guitar, but soon developed a keen interest in electronic music and synthesizers during the early 90s. Much of his work draws upon a variety of eclectic musical styles that he was exposed to growing up in Jamaica, Italy, South Africa and Uruguay. His musical output is often rooted by a melodic framework, combined with a colourful palette of modular synthesis, field recordings, tape manipulation and acoustic instrumentation. His ambient-focused album Sterrenbeelden is currently available on Bandcamp, Spotify and all the streaming platformsRobert currently lives and works with his partner in the deep Suffolk countryside, United Kingdom.Follow @robsimons on Instagram!If you enjoy this content, you can help support future episodes by subscribing to the podcast and leaving a review, following Brian on Instagram @heldbymachines, and subscribing to his YouTube channel.  Email:  Thanks! 
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