Episode 31 – Perplex On The Ambient Vault

Episode 31 of The Ambient Vault features my special guest Perplex On.  Perplex On is a band from Munich which makes electronic music.  Between Apparat and Tocotronic, Funkstörung and postpunk sounds of raindrops leaking through the cracks in the city, looking for the jumps to reality where dark psychedelic replaces the omnipresent pathos. The result is on the one hand black metal for digital sleep walkers, but on the other hand dream pop for existentialists. [S.A.W.]Perplex On was kind enough to allow me to make a mixtape of sorts with a selection of tracks for this week’s episode of the podcast.The list of tracks in the episode are as follows:1. Humming Voices 2. Locked 3. Vienna 4. Into 5. Lamellae 6. Flowing 7. Fade Away 8. Autumn Click the link here to follow all things Perplex On you enjoy this content, you can help support future episodes by subscribing to the podcast and leaving a review, following Brian on Instagram @heldbymachines, and subscribing to his YouTube channel.  Email:  Thanks!
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