Episode 37 – Forms The Ambient Vault

Episode 37 of The Ambient Vault features Forms.  Using a combination of synthesis and sampling, Forms aims to construct heartfelt ambient soundscapes inspired by the subtle and unpredictable beauty of the world around us.  In this episode, Forms has been generous to share his track “Birch”, which is made up of 3 independent yet related patches which utilize a modular synthesizer and sampled VST instruments. Patch 1 forms the bed over which patches 2 and 3 were recorded to create the final product.  Many thanks to Forms for being on the podcast! Click the link below to see and hear more from Forms and thanks for listening. you enjoy the podcast, you can help support future episodes by subscribing to the podcast and leaving a review, following Brian on Instagram @heldbymachines, and subscribing to his YouTube channel.  You can also check out the Instagram page Brian curates for his late grandfather, gospel pianist James Miller  Thanks!Email:  Brian on Instagram: on Youtube:
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